META ADS : Unparalleled targeting!

Reach your target audience and boost your sales with Meta Ads’ advanced targeting options (interests, custom audiences, lookalike, etc.)!;!

Unleash the power of Meta Ads!

With its 1.65 billion members and counting with highly detailed profiles and in-depth knowledge of the websites they visit, Facebook is a real gold mine of information! With over 62% Quebec adults using Facebook on a regular basis, highly sophisticated targeting options and innovative ad formats, Facebook ads is must for online advertisers.

My in-depth knowledge of Facebook ads will allow you to generate sales and leads at extremely competitive prices, while generating huge brand awareness, thanks to millions of impressions, views and interactions at amazing prices. I can help you get the most out of Meta Ads, with highly segmented campaigns using the most advanced targeting options and most innovative ad formats Facebook has to offer.

My Meta Ads services include

  • Defining your target audiences (with your collaboration)
  • Defining your goals and key performance indicators
  • Elaborating a strategy in order to meet your business goals
  • Defining extremely precise contextual and audience targeting
  • Creating highly sophisticated remarketing lists
  • Banners and landing pages A/B testing
  • Maximizing investment on audiences generating the best ROI
  • Campaign optimization and reporting

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